Over the past few years UITS has built a reputation in exploring the field of Astronomy as it goes beyond the academic aspect and ensures the emotional and psychological nurturing of each child. With its innovative approach to teaching, students find themselves completely immersed in the STEM-based sessions, surrounded by good faculty of educators. Space has given a platform to reflect a real world-environment and encourage students to explore their own creativity and passion in Space science & astronomy. UITS is a niche and pioneer program providing astronomy and Space Sciences through a curriculum-based academic educational program, accompanied by workshops, outreach events, competitions, trips, and projects and is organized throughout the academic year, and among all the classes (K-12). It is a self-sustaining program, thereby requiring no additional funding from the School.

Astronomy intrigues the minds of all. Therefore, UITS provides a platform for young minds where students excel their knowledge about Space science and understand that science can be best learnt by doing. Students are encouraged to ask questions and apply their reasoning to demystify scientific phenomenon. The Programme introduces students to an enthralling world of Astronomy and Space Sciences through activities, experiments, games and quizzes and seeks to spread knowledge of astronomy and space sciences among the general masses especially young minds. UITS provides an opportunity to communicate our belief in developing scientific temperament among children, to create an intelligent and analytic global community. This approach not only makes them more confident in handling science problems, but also in handling real-life issues.

This Program bridges the gap between Innovation, Education and Evolution. Where the emphasis for the schools is on the concepts:

UITS acts as a Resource and Guide Center based at the school, which implements various initiatives for the school. It allows schools to choose and customize all or what best suits it and offers its students the following:

  • Astronomy Club
  • Student Workshops
  • Outreach Projects
  • Events
  • Competitions
  • Platforms
  • Projects
  • Integration with regular school subjects and curriculum
  • Tours and Excursions, Seminars and Talks
  • Community Development Programs and Student Exchange