Dr. Kalam Debate Competition

Everyone in this world need to exchange their ideas and thinking; for that there is a need of healthy interaction, argument and DEBATE!!! A good debate is like art. Debate is a great activity for engaging students and bringing life to the classroom that helps students to understand essential critical thinking and presentation skills. It also helps the students to nurture rational thinking, citizenship, manners, organization of thoughts, persuasion and public speaking.

SPACE India provided the great opportunity to the students to participate in Dr. Kalam Debate Competition during World Space Week, 2019 to test their thoughts and views against their peers. This opportunity was exclusively for UITS Family!!

Dr. Kalam Debate Competition-2019 is a great platform for highly competent Astronomy enthusiasts to showcase their knowledge and presentation skills. Debate does not only teach a person how to articulate his thoughts, but also hone essential life skills.

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