Dr. Kalam Debate Competiton

For good ideas and true innovation, you need human interaction, argument, and DEBATE!!!
Speak your minds openly, debate your opponent’s disagreements and set yourself apart from the
ordinary people who debate in narrow confines.
SPACE India presents an opportunity to participate in Dr. Kalam Debate Competition this Worlds’
Students Day. Exclusively for UITS Family!
Dr. Kalam Debate Competition-2018 is a platform for highly competent Astronomy enthusiasts to
showcase their knowledge and presentation skills. Debate does not only teach a person how to
articulate his thoughts, but also hone essential life skills.
Which day will be better to conduct “The biggest Battle of Brains” other than Birth anniversary of Dr.
A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Unarguably Dr. Kalam was the most loved President, scientist who made India proud
with his missile defence programme. But his favourite job was teaching and that’s how he wanted the
world to remember him. Dr. Kalam was indeed a gem the nation will treasure forever. It is only fitting
that the world remembers October 15 has World Student’s Day as a mark of respect to the man.
Get ready! Brace yourself for the battle of brains and be the Ultimate Winner!

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