Global Astronomy Month

Global Astronomy Month (GAM) is organized every year in April by the SPACE Foundation in India with collaboration with the international organization Astronomers Without Borders (AWB), with an aim to unite enthusiasts worldwide in celebrating Astronomy following the motto – One People, One Sky. SPACE conducts a variety of astronomy programmes for students and the public during this month to partner with GAM in creating interest in Astronomy.

SPACE Foundation proposes a bouquet of GAM and general astronomy programmes to associated schools. Schools conduct events in categories such as Observing events with Global Star Parties and ‘SUNDay’, Virtual online programmes, AstroArts, and competitions. Several students have won prizes in GAM Astropoetry and Astroart competition internationally. Many students contributed stunning photos in Astrophotography. Several schools log in to Virtual telescope observations. SPACE has also initiated awards to schools for maximum participation, most innovative event and most number of events which are given annually. 9 UITS schools participated in the Global Astronomy Month 2019 celebration. Schools became a hub of activities and learning during the largest global celebration of Astronomy. Students were involved in fun science and to inculcate a scientific temperament. The students also got a platform for hands on science learning through nature.

The whole school looked bright and colorful as bulletin boards were decorated appropriately reflecting the significance of Astronomy. Parents also joined in the celebrations during Celestial sky observation. They appreciated the whole program and were looking forward for more such activities.

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