Heliodyssey 2019

Heliodyssey 2019 is SPACE’s sixth student’s scientific solar expedition to chase, study, and admire solar eclipses. This year the target is to observe and study the Annular Solar Eclipse of 26th December 2019. Students will be selected on the basis of merit in a selection process which comprises of an online multiple-choice based exam called Space Heliodyssey Test (SHOT-2019). There will be two teams of young scientists and educators one of which will be observing the annular solar eclipse from India, and the other from Oman.

The students will be trained on how to observe eclipses, conduct research, and will also be receiving a kit that would enable them to carry ahead their aim of being a solar eclipse chaser.
The journey will involve traveling to nearby tourist spots too.

Certain highlights:

1- Students will be oriented to the program through a presentation that will inform them about eclipses, their science, and importance.
2- Students will be trained on eclipse observation, equipment handling, and eclipse photography.
3- Students will go on a fully sponsored trip to Oman or Mangalore (as per selection) for the observation of the eclipse.
4- Students will observe the Annular Solar Eclipse of 26th December 2019 live.
5- On the day of the eclipse students will conduct experiments and activities along with SPACE experts. Some of these experiments are as follows:

  • The apparent size of the Moon
  • Ring Photography
  • Data Validation
  • Videography
  • Change in animal behavior.

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