SPACE India has been changing the face of Science and Astronomy awareness, education and innovation in India through path-breaking concepts, services, and programs. The motive is to create an intelligent, analytic and space-savvy global community of students who will be the future leaders in the exploration of space, in a world that is rapidly heading to a space-age.


On 26th Dec 2019, India and the world witnessed the Annular eclipse which was being called “The Great Ring of Fire – India 2019” as the sun will be seen as a ring of fire around the disc of the moon. This eclipse was visible from deserts of Arabia crossing over Peninsular India to Indonesia, Singapore and would end in the mid pacific ocean. The annularity was visible in Karnataka, Kerela and Tamil Nadu while the partial eclipse was visible throughout India. Making it an important eclipse for scientific study.

SPACE INDIA organized the largest eclipse observation “ The Great Ring of Fire- India 2019” for masses. SPACE India extended a golden opportunity for our students to participate in it through our nationwide pioneer project – “ Heliodyssey 2019”. The students from classes 6th to 12th can participate in this scientific expedition to capture, record and study this eclipse under the guidance of astronomers and scientists.

Heliodyssey -2019 was our 6th student’s scientific solar expedition to observe, study and record the Annular Solar Eclipse of 26th December 2019. 200 students were selected through an online test called Space HeliOdyssey Test (SHOT-2019) which was held in October 2019 to became a part of the scientific contingent and would be Eclipse Ambassadors of India. Furthermore out of 200, four teams (10 students each) were selected of these young Scientists and Astronomers, to study & conduct the experiments during the annular solar eclipse. One team went to the Sultanate of Oman and rest three in different locations in India, which were fully sponsored by SPACE.


The All India Asteroid Search Campaign is organized by The International Astronomical Search Collaboration (IASC). It is an educational outreach program for high schools and colleges. It provides high-quality astronomical data to students around the world. Students are able to make original astronomical discoveries and participate in hands-on astronomy. It is organized in three phases during April to August.


To enable students to be involved in the search for their own ‘Asteroids’, and contribute to tracking Near Earth Objects using a real-time sky data specialized software called Astrometrica, Astronomical discoveries and participate in hands-on astronomy.


SallyrideEarthKAM Mission:

It is an educational outreach program of NASA executed in India by SPACE Group. Under this project, students were able to control a digital camera which is mounted on the International Space Station (ISS), and photograph locations on Earth based on orbits of the ISS as seen from space. The event is conducted in 5 times in a year.


To enable students take pictures of their own planet from a digital camera on board the International Space Station (ISS) via a web interface.

To share the excitement of a NASA space mission and to participate in real-time, cutting edge research in many fields, including Earth Science, Geology, Physics, Geography.


Online interactions


Every year, SPACE provides enormous opportunities for students to interact with eminent personalities. Students got various chances to interact with these professionals and get their doubts cleared regarding astronomy and further careers in astronomy.