Ms. Yashika Bharadwaj

It’s been 2 years that K. R. Mangalam World School, Vaishali is associated with the Universe in the School Program and has always praised the platform provided bythem.  KRM has always endeavoured to inculcate scientific temper and spirit of enquiry in the students, observation, experimentation, demonstrations, role play, research work, hands on activities and audio and video presentations form the core. Engaging budding minds to share and foster nuggets of information to enhance their knowledge and make the concepts retentive and indelible for the students. To maintain this the school collaborated with The Universe in the School Program which is a unique model that popularises Astronomy and Space Sciences through a curriculum based academic educational program, accompanied by workshops, outreach events, competitions, trips and projects. Since then students are introduced to enthralling world of Astronomy and space sciences through activities, experiments, games and various platforms to participate in