Ms. Chitra Khatri
Deputy education Incharge-UITS(Events)

Chitra is an Event In-Charge of UITS. She is the one behind the organization of all the events in UITS. She is the mind behind the innovative UITS events like Dr. Kalam Debate Competition, Vikram Sarabhai Quiz Competition, SIPIS. Box etc, with her creative mind and unmatched ability to connect with the youth she always strives to give her best.

Mr. Rohib ur Rehman
Deputy Education Incharge- UITS(Sales)

An Astronomy lover and impeccable orator with years of experience in educating the young minds with the practical aspects of science and astronomy. He specializes in framing the curriculum for Universe in the School program and also handles Sales & Marketing of the program. With a vision to educate and spread awareness about Astronomy in the world, he has left no stone unturned in turning this vision of the organization into reality.


Ms. Heena Bhatia

Senior Educator

My journey with SPACE India started back in 2017 when I started working as an UITS Educator. I value the organization as it provides an individual with growth opportunities and the ability to expand your experiences. Every day I’m surrounded with hardworking, professional people enjoying the challenges and rewards that come with the job.

Ms. Vinita Yadav

Senior Educator

This esteemed organization provides great opportunities for the employees to grow in their careers.Especially, the team is really active and enthusiastic. Teammates are more like a family. Working environment is cooperative and friendly. Definitely a great place to learn and grow in your career.

Mr. Anshuman Soni

Senior Educator

TI am working for this esteemed organization for past three years and gained tremendous experience on both professional and personal front. With best of my abilities, my goal is to educate young minds about Space sciences and Astronomy with hands on activities.

Ms.Ekta Yadav

Senior Educator

Life is a never-ending learning process. Truth is, in order to grow and develop yourself, you need to make a conscious decision to continuously learn new things and that part of my life was being played by SPACE India by providing me new opportunities and engaging challenges.Innovative and creative tasks keeps me going on this intellectual roller coaster ride.

Ms. Prachee Sheetal

UITS Educator

With “Universe In The School” (UITS) Program of SPACE India, I got an opportunity to impart the practical knowledge of astronomy to the school students. Through this program I am able to inculcate the concepts of Space science and Astronomy in students through so many Hands-on activities and STEM based learning. Being an Educator is a wonderful experience of mine at SPACE India. It’s not an organisation, it’s a great Learning Centre for their Students as well as Employees.

Ms. Radhika Kapoor 

UITS Educator

Working with SPACE India is one of the best decisions I have ever made as this organization gives ample opportunities to learn and grow in the field of Astronomy and space sciences. The idea of our CMD sir is to educate the minds with the knowledge of Astronomy and following that motto only, every individual is inculcating Astronomy knowledge in the community through hands on activities. Amazing work culture and coordination amongst team members made this place an ideal one for work